Para-Chair Heavy Events Exhibition Coming to Calgary Highland Games

This year, the Calgary Highland Games is pleased to present a Para-Chair Heavy Events Exhibition with Alexander Armor.

How do Para-Chair Highland Events Differ from What We’re Used to Seeing?

The main difference is the weight that is thrown during the different events. Para-chair athletes throw the same weights as our female athletes instead of those used by our open class males. Below is a comparison of the various weights.


Open Class

Weight Over Bar 14lbs or 28lbs 56 lbs
Light Weight for Distance 14 lbs 28 lbs
Heavy Weight for Distance 28 lbs 56 lbs
Light Hammer 12 lbs 16 lbs
Heavy Hammer 16 lbs 22 lbs
Sheaf 10 lbs 20 lbs
Stone 8-12 lbs 17-19 lbs

In addition, Para-chair athletes have less ability to adjust their throws on the fly. Once they come up with their plan of attack and set their brakes, they are committed. This is very different from the open class athletes who have the ability to make small adjustments while throwing.

A Wee Bit about Alexander Armor

Alexander ArmorAlexander Armor was born in Calgary, Alberta Canada in June of 1986. He lived in Canada until he left to go to Hargrave Military Academy in Chatham, VA USA at 14 years old. Upon graduating from Hargrave he proceeded to join the US Army and later received his US citizenship. In 2010 Alex was Medically Retired from the Army and began another chapter in his life moving to North East Tennessee. He began enjoying adaptive sports, especially adaptive Highland Games. After piping open his local games he approached the Athletic Director and proposed an adaptive athletes division and the AD was 100% behind it making his local games the 6th (at the time) Highland Games in the United States with an adaptive class. The next local games were held, with its adaptive class, and Alex finished the day as his division’s champion and a new passion came to fruition in his life. Now not only is Alex a powerful adaptive athlete, he is a tenacious advocate for adaptive sports living by the motto of “You’re only as DISabled as you say you are! You can do anything you decide you’re going to, you just have to do it differently!”. Alex has competed and is scheduled to compete in games from Michigan to Florida, Idaho to Georgia, Nevada to Virginia. This year will mark Alex’s first international appearance as he travels to Canada to do an Expo at the Calgary Highland Games 2016. Alex is a passionate adaptive athlete in several sports such as, precision marksmanship, handcycle, archery and adaptive highland games. He is a sportsman with passions including hunting, fishing, all shooting sports as well as primitive hunting techniques. He has family still living in the Calgary area with an uncle, two aunts, and three cousins still living in the area and his grandparents living in Nanton, Alberta.

Be sure to watch Alexander Armor this year at the Calgary Highland Games starting at 9am!

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