Evelyn Nicholson Leinweber & Judy Schey Memorial Bursaries.

Each year CUSGA awards bursaries in memory of Evelyn Nicholson Leinweber & Judy Schey. They were fondly known as the ‘Grand Ladies of Highland Dance’, Both ladies taught at their respective schools in south Calgary. Judy was a renown choreographer and her school continues today. Evelyn was a champion dancer in her youth and she continued to teach into her senior years. They both supported the Calgary Highland Games.

CUSGA is pleased to offer Bursaries and a Scholarship to competitors to help them in the pursuit of their education and highland arts. This year we will award one bursary in each of the following amounts:

Eligibility Requirements:

Essay Criteria: 

The winners will be announced at the closing ceremonies of our Games. Good luck to all those who submitted.


CUSGA Scholarships: In 2008 The Calgary United Scottish Games Association introduced the CUSGA Academic Scholarship. This scholarship is open to all post-secondary students who participate in the Highland Arts and compete at the 2017 Calgary Highland Games. We offer one scholarship of $1,000.

Eligibility Requirements:

Essay Topic and Criteria for the Scholarship Submissions: The essay must be a minimum of 3,000 characters to a maximum of 6,000 characters.

Essay Question: The Calgary Highland Games is proudly celebrating 104 years since the first Calgary Highland Games. This Games is a longstanding celebration of Celtic heritage in Canada. Celtic Heritage has played an important role in the first 150 years of Canadian History. Based on modern concepts of inclusion & volunteerism, how do you see the highland community in Calgary evolving in the next 150 years?

The winner will be announced at the closing ceremonies at our Games. Good luck to all those who submitted.