Evelyn Nicholson Leinweber & Judy Schey Memorial Bursaries.

Each year CUSGA awards bursaries in memory of Evelyn Nicholson Leinweber & Judy Schey. They were fondly known as the ‘Grand Ladies of Highland Dance’, Both ladies taught at their respective schools in south Calgary. Judy was a renown choreographer and her school continues today. Evelyn was a champion dancer in her youth and she continued to teach into her senior years. They both supported the Calgary Highland Games.

CUSGA is pleased to offer Bursaries and a Scholarship to competitors to help them in the pursuit of their education and highland arts. Each year 15 bursaries are awarded in the following amounts:

Eligibility Requirements:

Essay Criteria: 

The winners will be announced at the closing ceremonies of our Games. Good luck to all those who submitted.


CUSGA Scholarships: In 2008 The Calgary United Scottish Games Association introduced the CUSGA Academic Scholarship. This scholarship is open to all post-secondary students who participate in the Highland Arts and compete at the 2018 Calgary Highland Games. We offer two scholarships of $1,000 each.

Eligibility Requirements:

Essay Topic and Criteria for the Scholarship Submissions: The essays must be  no less than 500 words each. The essays must meet the criteria listed below.

First Essay Criteria: 

Second Essay Criteria: Evolution of the Highland Games

The winner will be announced at the closing ceremonies at our Games. Good luck to all those who submitted.